Advanced BKF Recovery Tool


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Advanced BKF Recovery Tool's main objective is to help you recover and repair BKF (backup) files from Windows so you can return your operating system to previous configurations in case it's been damaged somehow.

With the help of Advanced BKF Recovery Tool, you can recover any corrupted file that you have on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista system. The only thing you have to do is run a quick scan of your computer in order to find the damaged files (although there are other scans that are much faster) and then repair them.

Unfortunately, the program's trial version (which can be downloaded free of charge) doesn't let you save the changes made to the files, meaning you'll need a full license to actually be able to recover any of the files.

Advanced BKF Recovery Tool is an application that could come in very useful in tricky situations. It's definitely one of those programs that you hope to never have to use, though.

30-day trial period.

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